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Convergent Hunting Bullet HP
  • Convergent Hunting Bullet HP

    - Use your phones Bluetooth capabilities to call in predators,deer,turkey and hogs
    -Compatible with Convergent Hunting Solution's apps
    -Comes with free download of Predator App
    -Integrated Li-ION Rechargable battery ( 10 Hour )
    -Integrated in app activated decoy 
    -Decoy and ground spike store inside
    -Play your own sounds and favorite music
    • Frequently asked questions

      Q- Can i just buy the app and play it throught the bluetooth speaker i already own?

      A- Yes,,,BUT it won't reach the volume or sound quality the Convergent bullet does. You will also have to stay very close to your bluetooth speaker.

      Q- Does this really call pigs in?

      A- Damn right it does, it will call Predators and Hogs in. Of course you still have to do your part.

      Q- How good is the Warranty

      A- LIFETIME! YES this includes the battery as well.

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